GJD Solitaire 4 Touch Controller


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GJD Solitaire touch control, using one or more 12 volt touch controls this 4 zone system represent the ultimate in professional quality security lighting control. Extremely practical and gives up to four individually managed zones. Full versatility is given in selecting lights ON time, manual lighting override or selectable audible tone for each particular zone. Red indicators on the touch control monitor activations from the Opal detectors 24 hours a day identificating the accurate location of detection. Additional Touch Controls can be added to enhance the system and give control from more than one location. Lighting is switched by seperate mains Expansion Unit/s positioned close to the mains supply and connected to the Touch Controls with a low voltage cable. This allows a neat installation to what could have been a difficult location. Ideally suited for domestic or industrail applications.(new type)

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