Alarm 10mm Contact



10mm pencil type flush contact, 4 wire.


The C30 4 Core Recessed & Flush Pencil Style Single Reed Door/Window Contact in White from Knight Fire & Security is ideal for placement on doors or windows to be wired into your intruder alarm system.

When wired into an intruder alarm system, these contacts will triger the alarm and sounder if the opening gap exceeds 15mm. As the contact creates a circuit in your security system, wire tampering or a forced break of the circuit elsewhere will also sound the alarm.

Main Features:
Single Reed Switch Door & Window Contact
Comes pre fitted with 12 of 4 core cable
Grade 2 Alarm Trigger
15mm Operating Threshold
High Impact Polystyrene Construction

Technical Specification:
Operating Gap: 15mm (Approx)
Materials: High Impact Polystyrene
Magnet: Ferrite or Alnico V
Contact Material: Rhodium
Voltage Range: 1 – 100v DC, 125v AC Max
Switching Current: 500mA Max DC, 500mA Max AC
Temperature Range: -40°C – +50°C

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